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PLATINUM COFFEE: MEDIUM ROAST Our Platinum Roast did not obtain it’s name for no good...

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Our Platinum Roast did not obtain it’s name for no good reason.

This coffee is just phenomenal and hit these focus groups hard. So we had to honor it’s amazingness.

Imported specifically for us to sell at Savage Sip, this is a must have.

The taste is so smooth yet can give you that kick at the same time. It’s not bitter, it’s smooth, yet has that “it” factor that you will just have to taste to find out.

It’s hard to put it in words. It has a great aftertaste and is such an amazing coffee.

Our Platinum Roast goes through such a cool process to cure, and the roasting process is an entire separate animal alone. It’s made very high end and “pure”, if we were to pick a word.

Savage Sips Platinum Roast is a must have.

All of our main blends are available in:

Ground (A nice Grind that is prepared for all regular coffee machines)

Espresso (A carefully executed Fine Grind for all Espresso Machines)

Whole Bean (For those of you who like to make your own perfect grind and more)

Our Process is very simple here at Savage Sip Coffee Co.

All orders are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis, but we are always caught up 99% of the time, so your order should be started that very same day, unless we have any unexpected delays.

Your order is very important to us, and the same day we get it, the same day we start to process your order, no matter the size of it. 1lb – 1,000 lbs.

It is all roasted to order coffee, only the freshest of the freshest and only the best of the best.

Once you place your order, or once you subscribe to our Coffee Club, we start roasting your order per your specific blend(s), as each are completely prepared differently.

Once we have finished our roasting process, your coffee (still while hot), is bagged in our innovative coffee bags that keep your coffee fresher for way longer, while having the ability to be reused by you if you’d like… then boxed and shipped!

We ask that you please allow us 3-10 business days for your order to arrive at your home.

We are still moving at a good speed and it’s averaging about 3-5 days for every order, but we are in a world of craziness and something new and wild is happening on a daily basis, so we ask for the additional days just in case.

But you should get your coffee on average, about 3-7 days after your order.